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These workshops are free and open to all UvA students and staff from all faculties. These workshops are done in collaboration with ECHO Diversity Expertise Centre, Our Bodies Our Voice and the Good Lad Initiative. 

Before requesting a workshop from the CDO team*:

  • Do we really need a workshop, or can we read/watched/listen to sources listed below?
  • What is our goal and intrinsic motivation to follow a workshop?
  • Have we done our own homework and research, or are we asking trainers to do the mental labor for us?**
  • Have we discussed what diversity means for our team/group/organization?
  • Have we written a mission statement, vision document and/or diversity action plan?

*This includes departments, teams, student associations, groups, etc.

**The majority of our workshops are led by Black and POC trainers who have lived experiences dealing with racism, sexism, discrimination, ableism, heteronormativity and other forms of systemic oppression.

As many have said before us, read, watch and or listen to these videos, podcasts, and articles to increase your understanding. Start with, for example:




Get out and about:

Organizations and voices in the Netherlands to follow on social media and donate to: