Stress Less

Stress Less is an initiative we’ve set up to offer students a variety of mindfulness-meditation sessions. The goal is to help students in navigating through stress-related issues and to aid them in gaining more peace of mind in academic life.

As CDO Team we are proud to present our new initiative called Stress Less. Stress Less helps answer a great need among students for support in navigating the high levels of pressure and stress that they sometimes face during their academic careers. Stress Less offers students meditation sessions in order to support them throughout their studies and to make the UvA even more inclusive and welcoming.

We fully acknowledge the fact that meditation sessions don’t offer a solution to why stress is present in the first place. There are still deep causes of pressure amongst students, for instance, the financial cuts from the government, the high workload for teachers and students being pushed to finish their studies as soon as possible.

Nevertheless, we want to offer these sessions to students because we believe that peace of mind is beneficial in all situations, not just in academic life. We also want to focus on the intersectionality of mental health and provide students from all different backgrounds a safe space in which we can share experiences and empower each other through the struggles we might face.


What sessions do we offer? *


  • Half-hour sessions at CREA
    • Free sessions that are suited for students who try to better balance academic performance, work productivity, physical and emotional wellbeing, social responsibility, and overall stress.
  •  Workshops 
    • Workshops or guest lectures for courses and programmes within the UvA. This contains an introduction to meditation for students.


* All sessions are guided by a professional, licensed meditation trainer.

Sign up form for a meditation training  


Form for a workshop / guest lecture