Our Bodies Our Voice

Stichting Our Bodies Our Voice is co-sponsored by the CDO Team to deliver a series of workshops and trainings to staff, student and student & study associations.  Here you will be able to find more information about the foundation.


Our aim

Stichting Our Bodies Our Voice aims to raise awareness about sexual violence and transform the consent culture within universities to create a safer environment for students and staff alike. We believe in the necessity of fostering skills of empathy, active listening and critical introspection.

Thanks to the partnership with the Chief Diversity Officer Team of the University of Amsterdam, we are preparing for an exciting year of workshops and trainings for staff, students and board members of student & study associations.

Our workshops

Through our workshops, we give participants knowledge on what they can do to support survivors and help dismantle the stigma around sexual violence. We also create a safe space for intimate discussions about participants’ attitudes towards sex, boundaries and consent.

Our workshops focus on:

  • developing communication skills concerning boundaries and consent;
  • creating awareness of support systems and evolving into a survivor-centric and stigma free community;
  • working on positive masculinity by engaging men in open, honest conversations about their roles in university communities;
  • bystander intervention, which is focused on developing participants’ skills in intervening in challenging situations.

Our approach to prevention

Research in the field of sexual violence prevention has found that the most effective approach to changing culture and social norms involves continuous and multi-level intervention. As such, Our Bodies Our Voice aims to tackle multiple areas, including individual university departments, residential halls and dormitories, and student & study associations.

The content of our workshops is based on a holistic approach, combining the research of relevant literature and consultation with students and staff to adapt to the institution’s needs. We also act as a conduit between universities and their students to communicate protocols and help-seeking resources.

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