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ECHO Mentorship Program 2018-2019

Apply now for the ECHO Mentorship program 2018-2019! The Expertise Center for diversity policy is organizing a mentorship program intended for students with a non-Western background. The program coaches students who are in their final phase – or who have just graduated – to navigate, transition to, and find opportunities in the labor market. Find more information and the application form here. The deadline is 9 Novemer 2018.

Training Future Teachers for a Diverse Student Population

The Comeniusbeurs (Comenius scholarship) enables students from the ‘Universitaire Pabo van Amsterdam’ (UPvA) to exchange views and experiences with diverse communities. The objective is that prospective teachers learn to truly understand their students in order to create an educational program that suits the needs of all sorts of different communities and individuals. Read here more about the unique program. NB: the article is in Dutch.

Black Achievement Month

October is Black Achievement Month! There are daily events in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam, and den Haag. From special museum tours on cultural heritage to inspiring theatre plays, all events are a celebration of cultural diversity and Black Achievement. You can find the official website and the full program here.

Quote-unquote @ UvA

The walls of the UvA Roeterseilandcampus (REC) are marked by quotes aimed to inspire the university community. However, virtually all of the quotes are statements made by white men. Amsterdam United, UvA Sociaal and staff from the Social Sciences Faculty launched a campaign to diversify the quotes and let students provide input. Find out more.