Grassroots Funds

The CDO Team budget has monthly funds available for grassroots initiatives for students and staff. You can apply for this fund with a maximum of €1000.  

The importance of grassroots initiatives

Grassroots initiatives, also known as bottom-up approaches, are initiatives set up by individuals instead of by management. In essence, bottom-up initiatives are most valuable and worthy when it comes to change and innovation because they include a variety of ideas and people with knowledge of different fields.

At the University of Amsterdam, there are so many students and staff with amazing ideas and plans to help students. As CDO team we’re working in various ways to bring about change when it comes to equity, inclusion, and diversity. However, we realize that we can’t do this alone and therefore we want to hold hands with the whole UvA community and all these students and staff to help realize their great ideas and plans.

The CDO-Team funds are meant for all different kinds of initiatives, as long as they have the aim of making the UvA more equitable, inclusive and diverse. There’s no difference in initiatives set up by UvA students or by UvA staff; all are welcome to apply.

So, do you have an idea about how to make the UvA more equitable, inclusive and diverse, or have you already set up an initiative that could use some financial support? Then please don’t hesitate to apply for this fund!

On this page, you’ll find the application form, format budget plan and the Terms and Conditions.
On this page, you’ll find all the initiatives that have been funded in the past.