Faculty Diversity Officers

Each faculty has its own unique identity. As a result, each of them has its own Diversity Officer, who will work together with the faculty’s own staff and students to establish the diversity policy within the faculty from the bottom up.

On this page you’ll find interviews taken with the FDOs of the 7 faculties

Interviews with the Faculty Diversity Officers

Machiel Keestra


‘Something that is normal for you may be unique for someone else’

Machiel Keestra on the Faculty of Science’s work on diversity

Siri – Boe-Lillegraven


‘Diversity is not only about the business case

How Siri Boe-Lillegraven works on diversity at the Faculty of Economics and Business

Ilja Swets and
Jeanine Suurmond


‘Focus on equality must continue

The Faculty Diversity Officers of Amsterdam UMC’s work on diversity and inclusion

Inge van der Stap


‘Diversity is nothing to be afraid of

Inge van der Stap from ACTA’s work on diversity

Wike Been


‘I want everybody to be able to realise their dreams

How Wike Been is working on diversity at the Amsterdam Law School

Carlos Reijnen, Letje Lips, Sanne Klaver, Mona Hegazy


Structural inequality is a given. I want to tackle the institutional mechanisms which seem neutral but are not. I never think “It’s just the way it is” but rather “Why can’t it change?” – Letje Lips

About working on diversity and inclusion at the Faculty of Humanities.

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