On this page, you find various reports, articles, background information and more on equity diversity and inclusion

CDO Team 2.0 annual report for 2020 and year plan for 2021

Memo: Concerns about equity, diversity and inclusion at the University of Amsterdam in times of COVID-19: an interim inventory
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CDO Team 2.0 annual report for 2019 and year plan for 2020 

Take a look at the online CDO magazine of the 2019 annual report and 2020 plan


Workshop Menu for Students and Staff

Workshops Menu UvA CDO Team

Hiring Tips

CDO team annual report 2018 and year plan 2019 (Dutch)

CDO LFA Tracking System

Blogpost on Tracking System

Best Practices Booklet CDO UvA 2018

Publication ”Words Matter” on Diversity Language

Research Report ”Let’s do Diversity” by Gloria Wekker et al.

UvA website on research report (Dutch)

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