Concerns about EDI in times of COVID-19

Memo: Concerns about equity, diversity and inclusion at the University of Amsterdam in times of COVID-19: an interim inventory


Dear all,

As you are aware, many members of the UvA community are coping with extra stress and challenges, due to the coronavirus and the measures taken. However, as we know from usual circumstances, not all individuals are equally affected by or resilient to unfamiliar conditions. This can be due to individual risk and protective factors, yet also to factors that are related to the specific working and living conditions with which some individuals have to cope. From the perspective of equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) of the UvA community, we  – the Faculty Diversity Officers and the Chief Diversity Officer Team – are requesting attention be paid to those conditions that some of our community members are facing due to their specific situations, and which might be overlooked as these are less common among the majority of this community. Our focus is on students and staff who come from underrepresented groups and more vulnerable groups in general.

Below is a list of concerns or challenges that might affect some community members more than others and that require additional attention. First, a list of concerns that might apply to some members of all groups, then a list of concerns that is applicable to students and staff more specifically. We are aware that this list for a large part will overlap with what is known by the Executive Board/deans already. In that sense, this list can be seen as a checklist for exploring how encompassing current measures are, and if there are any issues or groups we might be missing. We are happy that the Board has sent out an extra monitor (the UvA Crisismonitor) in the past week as this will also greatly contribute to an overview of the problems people within the UvA community are facing.

We hope that our advice on possible solutions and best practices will contribute to alleviate the effects of the current crisis on those UvA staff and students belonging to the specific groups that suffer the most right now. We also hope to raise awareness for all UvA students and staff around these issues, by means of this Memo.


Chief Diversity Officer Team
Faculty Diversity Officers
Faculty Diversity Sounding Boards/Working Groups

Checklist regarding equity, diversity and inclusion dimensions of the impact of the corona crisis and responses to that crisis – and in some cases, best practice examples are included for their mitigation. This list is not exhaustive, but what we have collected thus far.