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CDO Mission & Vision

For a detailed description of the CDO mission and vision statements, as well as the related objectives and activities, please consult the UvA Diversity Website.

The Chief Diversity Officer Team

The team of the Chief Diversity Officer of the University of Amsterdam (UvA) was established in April 2018. Each of us is very passionate about the topic of diversity and inclusion, and we are continuously working towards making the UvA a safer and more welcoming place.

In alphabetic order

Anne De Graaf (Chief Diversity Officer)

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Anne de Graaf has been the Chief Diversity Officer at the University of Amsterdam (UvA) starting in November 2017. She is also a lecturer and former Diversity & Outreach Coordinator at the Amsterdam University College (AUC). She holds a PhD in international relations, whereby her research focuses on peace and conflict studies and especially the voice of youth. She is also an award-winning author of over 80 books for which she has frequently traveled to post-conflict areas.

Alfrida Martis (Researcher/ Educator)

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Alfrida (Alfie) has been working as a researcher/ educator within the CDO team since April 2018. She grew up in Bonaire and is now studying Media Studies at the UvA. Her focus is digital humanities and the use of social media for the creation of support and ‘safe spaces’.Since April 2015, Alfie has been part of various groups advocating a decolonial and democratic educational system, such as University of Colour, New Urban Collective, and Diversity Forum.

Fatima Kamal (Researcher/ Educator)

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Fatima has been part of the CDO team since April 2018, whereby her primary responsibility is the Academic Diversity Program (ADP). She is originally from Morocco and has much personal experience with the topic of diversity. She studied Social Work at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam (HvA) and Interdisciplinary Social Sciences at the UvA. She has also been active in the Education Committee and as a board member of Amsterdam United.

Inez van der Zee (Assistant)

Inez has been the assistant to Anne de Graaf since November 2017. Her tasks include, but are not limited to, policy and organizational activities, intensive agenda management, writing and revising texts, translating English – Dutch, and providing the Diversity Team with logistic support. Inez studied Spanish Linguistics & Literature (UU) and has been employed by Amsterdam University since 2008, where she has worked in various positions.

Tarim Flach (Researcher/ Educator)

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Tarim has been working as researcher/ educator within the CDO team since April 2018. Tarim has a background in cultural anthropology and developmental sociology, and as a Dutch-Senegalese transgender person, they have been active against racism and heteronormativity. Since 2013, they have been active in organizations and initiatives aiming to strengthen the position of weaker societal groups.

Thea van Schoot (Policy Advisor)

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Thea will be helping in policy design, incorporating diversity policy within the UvA structures. At the moment, she is focusing on breaking the glass ceiling, both within faculties and from a centralized approach.