CARE Amsterdam

CARE is an initiative that provides support and safe spaces for victims/survivors of sexual violence, students and staff struggling with their mental health and BIPOC students.

  • Free, confidential weekly support groups
  • Build community with other survivors
  • Share our experiences, resources, and coping strategies to reduce the impact of sexual trauma
  • Group activities like art therapy, yoga, mindfulness practice
  • Guided by licensed psychologists

For victims/survivors of sexual violence

For students and staff struggling with mental health

For BIPOC students

Want to know more about CARE? Check out this interview with founders, organizers and therapists Angela Cáceres and Anesteia Tsagkalidou: “Being vulnerable and asking for help can be some of the most difficult and most important steps in healing. We accompany the participants in any concerns that they might have, while safeguarding the group to make sure that it becomes a safe space for everyone.”

*This is a CDO-led initiative. For current UvA resources regarding social safety click here:

For free support by healthcare professionals trained in supporting victims-survivors of sexual violence, contact the Sexual Assault Center (24/7Hotline: 0800 – 0188)