Application Form

By applying for the grassroots fund, there are a few steps to be taken. 

  1. Apply through the application form below on this page
  2. Fill in the Format Budgetplan and upload this in the application form
    Download here: Format budgetplan – Grassroots Funding CDO-Team
  3.  Read through the Terms and Conditions (Algemene Voorwaarden) and write down any questions you have in the form.
    Download here: Algemene Voorwaarden – Grassroots Funds
    Download here: Terms and Conditions – Grassroots Funds

After you’ve sent your application, we will contact you within two weeks. We might have some following questions about your application and otherwise, we’ll set a date to meet up in person. During this meeting, we will discuss the further procedure of the application, sign the Terms and Conditions and answer any questions you might have.

Submit your application by the first of the month, to qualify for consideration the following month (or the next available month). See the availability below:

2020-21 Deadlines:
September – 1 August FULL
October – 1 September FULL
November – 1 October FULL
December – 1 November FULL
January – 1 December FULL
February – 1 January FULL
March – 1 February
April – 1 March
May – 1 April
June – 1 May
July – 1 June
August – 1 July

Application form – Grassroots Fund – CDO Team

(Feel free to answer the questions either in English or Dutch)

Aanvragen kunnen tijdelijk niet online ingediend worden, ons excuus hiervoor!
U kunt hiervoor het beste even rechtstreeks contact opnemen met Raisa Sambo, Projectleider, Chief Diversity Officer. Dat gaat het snelst per mail: r.n.m.sambo@uva.n

Due to technical difficulty, applications are temporarily not able to be submitted online, our apologies! It is best to contact Raisa Sambo, Project Leader, Chief Diversity Officer directly. The fastest way to do this is by email:

Thank you very much for your application! We will respond as soon as possible. If you haven’t received a confirmation by email within 2 weeks, please email us at