Academic Diversity Program

The Academic Diversity Programme (ADP) is a mentoring programme that is founded by the student platform Amsterdam United, now in collaboration with the CDO Team. 

During the academic year, first-year students are supported by senior students. The programme strives to create a space in which students can develop their capacities to the fullest. Students are paired up with senior students who support them in the first phase of their academic studies.

ADP is a mentoring programme centered around diversity and acknowledges the intersections between gender, culture, ethnicity, mental and physical health, socioeconomic background and more. Due to this approach, a dialogue is stimulated which brings more depth and understanding to the conversation about diversity. ADP tries to challenge students to develop their full capacities and acknowledge their own diversities. This results in each student developing their own strength and succeeding in their study programme.

What can I expect from ADP?

Both mentees and mentors are expected to be present during the whole programme. You will get the following in return for your effort:


  • Informative, joint meetings with other students
  • Connection and community within the university
  • Personal one-on-one support during the first phase of your study programme
  • The chance to become familiar with academia
  • Developing personal, social and study skills


  • Informative, joint meetings with other students
  • Connection and community within the university
  • Training in communication, social and mentorship skills
  • Compensation based on a volunteer contribution
  • Recognized mentor certificate at the end of the year

Year planning

The mentor programme starts in the first week of November and runs throughout the year. ADP consists of one-on-one support between mentee (first-year student) and mentor (senior student) where mentee and mentor see each other weekly or biweekly. ADP also involves monthly meetings or workshops about diversity-related themes.

Mentees can apply throughout the year via this link.