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Marieke Brand and Mieke Lopes Cardozo developed an experimental winter-to-spring training on academic-civic engagement, purpose and inspiration, called CREATE. In this pilot training, they aim to co-create an inclusive breathing space within university together with the participants, in order to develop our capacity together to respond to the challenges of these times. In short: the ongoing global pandemic; the increasing inequalities as well as the climate crisis that threatens our planet. CREATE helps to reconnect to your intrinsic motivation, and supports you in your work with others (students, peers, colleagues, communities, systems). Check the flyer to learn how to apply for the pilot.

CREATE is developed and facilitated by Marieke Brand, former Faculty Diversity Officer of the Faculty of Behavioral and Social Sciences (FMG), PhD mentor and coordinator of the PhD mentor Project at FMG, and Mieke Lopes Cardozo, Senior Lecturer in Education and Inclusive Development at the Amsterdam Institute of Social Science Research, and part of the Governance and Inclusive Development Research Group. ‘The Chief Diversity Officer team co-funds CREATE.’

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