Meet Your Mentor in Financieel Daglad

Our Mentoring Programme Meet Your Menor was featured in Financieel Dagblad. The article shows how the number of mentoring programs is increasing and what their value is. It highlights why individual support has been proven to be effective and how having a mentor positively impacts presentations and well-being of mentees. Mentor Roel Verlaan (30, innovation manager at Heineken) says: "These students often do not have the benefits I've had myself as a white man with a highly educated parents. Think of finding an internship, knowing certain rules of conduct or just someone to spar with about your career. I think it's important create a level playing field.” Verlaan now has two had mentees, with whom he is still in contact. ‘The mentees are the director of the relationship. If my mentee for example needs me to read a letter of application for a traineeship, she knows where to find me. The ball is in the mentee's court. This is also a good exercise: learning to ask for help yourself". 

Read the full article (in Dutch): 

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