Student Disability Platform is looking for a new name

The Student Disability Platform is a student-run platform of the University of Amsterdam that actively works to create a more accessible and inclusive university experience for everyone. We do so by offering help to students with support needs (due to ADHD, being on the autism spectrum, depression, audiovisual issues, diabetes, physical disability and/or other support needs. By advising the university on matters regarding students with a support need we strive to give students a voice with the motto: ‘nothing about us without us’.

The goal of the platform is to ensure that students have a successful and pleasant student life, and that they are not hindered in their education by, for example, their physical disability, depression, ADHD or dyslexia.

Since March 2021, the SDP is run by a new team, who are eager to broaden the focus of the platform. The aim of the new team is to involve students in making and keeping university education accessible. In this way we hope to make the UvA an inclusive, diverse and inspiring place where everyone feels at home.

We notice that many students do not feel addressed by the current name, for example because they do not identify strongly with their functional impairment (such as ADHD or dyslexia). That is why we are looking for a new name that is not aimed at the target group of the SDP, but rather at the ultimate goal of the platform; inclusion.

What should the name reflect: The name should reflect the sentiment of inclusivity, accessibility, diversity and support. In addition, the name must be short (preferably 1 or 2 words) and in English.

If we pick the name you’ve suggested, you’ll win a Gift Card, worth 25 euro’s!

Please fill in your suggestion here:

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