Our Bodies Our Voice in the media: Eenvandaag and Op1NPO

Still from Claudia Dictus on Eenvandaag

Claudia Dictus, chairperson of Stichting Our Bodies Our Voice, was interviewed by both Eenvandaag and Op1NPO about sexual abuse among students.

Claudia: “I want to protect others who are going through it, I want to help them look for help. I’m trying to teach teachers and advisors at universities how to deal with a victim, what to say and what not to say. I’m also trying to work on a multi-university policy.”

Read/watch more at Eenvandaag: Claudia werd slachtoffer van verkrachting in haar studententijd: ‘Op de universiteit werd ik niet gehoord’ by Jelle Reijman, 9 June 2021.
Read/watch more at Op1NPO: D66-Kamerlid Hanneke van der Werf over seksueel misbruik onder studenten: ”Het is te ingewikkeld voor vrouwen om aangifte te doen”, 10 June.

Stichting Our Bodies Our Voice aims to raise awareness about sexual violence and transform the consent culture within universities to create a safer environment for students and staff alike and has an partnership with the Chief Diversity Officer Team.

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