Hostile Welcome: Anti-LGBTQI+ violence in the Dutch asylum procedure

Despite having come to the Netherlands to find refuge, LGBTQI+ asylum seekers are often confronted with high levels of violence and discrimination during the asylum procedure. Drawing on accounts from LGBTQI+ asylum seekers, activists, and academics, this webinar aims to shine a light on anti-LGBTQI+ violence during the asylum procedure, asking what the causes and consequences of this violence are, and how we can analyse, discuss, and address this violence in a time of heightened political polarisation, xenophobia, and homonationalism.

June 18th, from 14.00 – 16.00h

Please register online via this link.

The programme includes the following speakers:

  • Saphinah, former LGBTQI+ asylum seeker from Uganda.
  • Adam, former LGBTQI+ asylum seeker from Syria
  • Carla, a Dutch LGBTQI+ activist
  • Sandro Kortekaas, president LGBT Asylum Support
  • Laurens Buijs, sociologist UvA, entrepreneur and activist

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