Meet your Mentor at the Faculty of Law 20th May 2021

On May 20, 2021, the festive online launch took place at the Law Faculty of the University of Amsterdam! This means that Meet your Mentor has been launched very successfully at four faculties of the University of Amsterdam. On May 20, 17 students and 17 professionals took part.

The participating mentors are professionals: two judges with extensive international and academic experience, two prosecutors, two top lawyers with long experience in the so-called “Big4” offices. The director of the Dutch Ombudsman for Children is also linked to a student and three law specialists who work at the Ministry of Justice and Security, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Finance, participate.

The launch was framed by inspiring words from the chairwoman of the Executive Board, Geert ten Dam, the new diversity officer of the law faculty Maike Steen, and concluded by the gripping personal story of Anne de Graaf, the Chief Diversity Officer, to which many students could relate to. The enthusiastic participants got to know each other in an interactive way on the basis of assignments about their most important values in their life. The value “love” played an important role in the feedback of the first introductory assignment. “Love is the beginning of everything,” stated one student. A statement shared by both students and mentors. It was interesting that love was explained in different contexts. “It is the beginning of everything: your faith, your happiness, your relationship, your family ties.”

In the second part, the competitions were announced and the mentors met their mentees in separate breakout rooms and contact details. After June 7, they will arrange their first mentoring session and a reflection meeting will take place in September. Everyone will receive a timely notice of this.

We would like to thank all mentors for their unbridled and selfless commitment to support students and we would like to send you a small gift. Those who wish to receive this can send us an email with the following information: Name / Address / Zip code / City / telephone number to

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