Inclusive Language – New Values

As CDO Team, part of what we do is help develop language around equity, diversity and inclusion. We share best practice examples and resources that can be beneficial to all layers of the university. With that in mind, there is an excellent resource that we highly recommend to any and all members of the UvA community to review, engage with, and implement.

Check out this guide on inclusive language use in Dutch done by very talented colleagues at Code Diversiteit & Inclusie:

“With values for a new language, we strive for a decolonized, inclusive and accessible language for everyone.”

In the guide you will find examples per discipline, context and stakeholders. These examples and suggestions serve as a basis to start the conversation among culture makers and enthusiasts. Language is not static, it is constantly changing. That is why we also have to move with it. Use the guidelines and contribute to a safe, open and respectful space for everyone. The examples are primarily around the culture and arts sector.

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