Meet Your Mentor in Folia

Folia interviews Dağlar Taşci to talk about her experience as a mentee in the Meet Your Mentor (MYM) UvA pilot program.

“The transition from studying to working is exciting for many students, but especially for students who have no examples within their own environment. Dağlar Taşci is such a student. A personal mentor helps her. ‘I cannot discuss substantive aspects of vacancies with my parents, so it is nice if you can brainstorm with someone.'”

Read more at Folia: Mentoren helpen bij stap naar arbeidsmarkt: ‘Ik kan mijn ouders niet vragen’ by Marleen Hoebe, 8 February 2021

For more information about Meet Your Mentor you can reach out to/check out: Projectmanager Meltem Halaceli:

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