EDI Festival 2021 ‘Intersections of Cities: Amsterdam meets Birmingham’ 3 – 24 February

The University of Amsterdam and the University of Birmingham are inviting you to embrace the diversity of our communities and ignite broader conversations about how we can foster a more inclusive city, university and student community. Embedding equity, diversity and inclusion, student ambassadors of the two institutions are organising a virtual festival and this year’s theme is Intersections of Cities: Amsterdam meets Birmingham.

Celebrating this first edition, the virtual festival kicks off this year on 3 February 2021, with a free webinar on ‘Inclusive Cities’. Hosted by student ambassadors Kamil Rog and Amira Ismail, Dr. Eva Garcia Chueca from the Barcelona Centre For International Affairs will kick off the webinar to speak on advancing urban rights that underpin equality and diversity in the city. Birmingham’s Dr. Phil Jones will then chair a panel discussion, joined by Dr. Chueca and Dr. Justin Varney (Director of Public Health, Birmingham City Council), and Simion Blom (from the Amsterdam green party GroenLinks), to have a dialogue around community cohesion and inclusivity in diverse cities like Amsterdam and Birmingham.

People that are interested can register for this and the other webinars at: https://www.uva.nl/en/education/other-programmes/exchange/exchange-ambassadors-programme/edi-festival/edi-festival.html

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