Purple Friday

On ‘Purple Friday’ people show their solidarity with young people who are gay, bisexual, lesbian and transgender by wearing purple.

In 2010 Purple Friday was organized for the first time in the Netherlands. It always takes place at the second Friday of December and is organized by the network of Gay-Straight Alliances (GSA) of the gay interest organization of the COC. The reason for starting Purple Friday was the outcome of a research that showed that at 50% of the educational institutions it is not safe for young people to come out of the closet.  This year, Purple Friday is held on December 11.

The CDO team and UvA Pride have been participating in composing the statement together with COC Nederland and Student Pride (only in Dutch).

See: www.paarsevrijdag.nl

See also Paarse Vrijdag vanaf 2020 ook in het Hoger Onderwijs youtube clip.

Paarse Vrijdag: Elk jaar op de tweede vrijdag van december is het Paarse Vrijdag. Paarse Vrijdag is een GSA-actiedag waarop de hele school hun steun voor sekse, gender en seksuele diversiteit kan laten zien door paars te dragen.


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