Orange the World: UvA says no to violence

The University of Amsterdam is participating in the international Orange the World campaign. Our university supports the fight of ending violence against girls and women. The Chief Diversity Officer team is the proud initiator of UvA’s participation in the campaign, and we are hosting multiple events during the campaign.

Orange the World is a UN led campaign called UNiTe to End Violence against women campaign. The theme for this year’s 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence (25 November – 10 December 2019) is, Orange the World: #HearMeToo. Read more about our activities at the University of Amsterdam and register for our events.

In this blog, we will share statistics and information about violence against women, to underline how important it is to stand up and unite to end violence against women

 Content Warning: This article will discuss statistics about intimate partner violence, sexual violence, human trafficking, child marriage and female genital mutilation.

What is Orange the World? 

  • It’s a UN led campaign called UNiTe to End Violence against women campaign. The theme  for this year’s 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence (25 November – 10 December) is, Orange the World: #HearMeToo.

What constitutes violence against women? 

  • Violence against women: intimate partner violence, sexual violence,human trafficking, female genitale mutilation and child marriage
  • “Whether at home, on the streets or during war, violence against women and girls is a human rights violation of pandemic proportions that takes place in public and private spaces.” Source: Un Women

How prevalent is violence against women?

  • One in three women experience violence in their lifetime, across all social status, class, race, country or age group. Source: Un Women
  • Worldwide, 1 in 2 women killed were killed by their partners or family in 2012. In contrast, 1 out of 20 of all men killed were killed in such circumstances. Source: Global and regional estimates of violence against women, WHO, 2013; Global Study on Homicide 2013, UNODC, 2014
  • 71% of all trafficking victims worldwide are women and girls. Source: Global Report on Trafficking in Persons, UNODC, 2016
  •  650 million women and girls alive today were married before their 18th birthday. Source : Child Marriage: Latest Trends and Future Prospects, UNICEF, 2018
  • 45% to 55% of women have experienced sexual harassment since the age of 15 in the European Union.. Source Violence against women: An EU-wide survey, European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights, 2014
  • In The Netherlands, within marginalized groups: 
    •  15% of homosexual men and 23% of lesbian women, and 21% of transwomen and 35% of transmen, have experienced sexual violence (penetration or forced masturbation) at least once.
    •  72% of women and 44% of men with intellectual disability have experienced sexual violence, and  49% of women and 22% of men with physical disability have experienced sexual violence
    • Source : From Sexual violence, Rutgers 2018

What is rape culture? 

rape culture pyramid.pngSource available here.

What is the  UvA doing during OTW?

  • Launch event, Monday November 25 from 16:30 to 19:00(including borrel and mini exhibition) at the bridge in Roeterseiland . Lighting ceremony & opening speeches.
  • Monday December 2nd, workshop for staff ; Wednesday December 4th, workshop for students.Workshops around social safety, both from 3-5 pm at Roeterseiland. 
  • Closing panel discussion lunch, Monday December 9,from 11:30- 13:00 (lunch included).  ‘Beyond Awareness: Opening steps and concrete suggestions towards a world without violence against women and girls”.  

Look at the overview of all events, including student organizations hosting very interesting panel discussions ! Overview of events available hereRegister here.

What does this mean for social safety at the UvA ? 

By taking part in Orange the World, the UvA is furthering its commitment to social safety and taking both symbolic and concrete steps towards strengthening social safety. Symbolic steps are taken by lighting ‘The Bridge (De Brug, part of the UvA-building) at Roeterseiland Campus orange for one evening, and concrete steps by normalizing conversations on this topic through a series of events. In terms of policy work, the UvA is revising its code of conduct, carrying out investigative work with the social safety taskforce and creating stable grounds for a long term Ombudsperson position. The CDO team is actively consulting and supporting these encouraging processes.

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