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Thanks to our partnership with the  Chief Diversity Officer (CDO) Team of the UvA, we are preparing for an exciting year of workshops and trainings for staff, students and board members of student & study associations. Last academic year (2018/2019), we conducted a pilot of 10 workshops with the bachelor program Politics, Psychology ,Law and Economics (PPLE), as well as one social safety board training day with 8 student & study associations.

After evaluating our pilot with PPLE as successful, with 100% of participants saying they would recommend it to other students, we are now launching a long-term project with PPLE. To inaugurate this renewed collaboration, we gave workshops about boundaries, communication and consent to all 240 PPLE freshmen in the first week of September. We will be delivering more workshops to PPLE, but also to AUC, who have decided to work with us for the coming year.

Furthermore,  we ran pilot workshops for the International Student Network (ISN) and UvA Intreeweek. In August, we delivered workshops and trainings to over 360 people, both students and coaches, taking part in the ISN introduction week and Intreeweek.

  • In a month, with the collaboration of ISN, Intreeweek and PPLE, we were able to reach over 600 students with our workshops !

Additionally, we delivered a social safety board training day with the collaboration of ASVA Student Union and the Amsterdamse Kamer van Verenigingen (AKvV) in April 2019. Board members of Unitas S.A, Amsterdam Aviation Association, AIM, Liber,  A.S.Z.V. Orionis, Congo & Via  took on active roles in discussing social safety within their associations under our guidance. Through this training, we met many enthusiastic board members who want to:

  • lead the way in helping strengthen the social safety of their associations and of their members.
  • are currently translating this desire into actions such as attending workshops, planning new ones for their sub-associations and members, creating a code of conduct that tends to the need of survivors.

We are planning another social safety board training day with ASVA and the AKvV, as well as workshops for associations. Coming up on October 31st, we will be delivering workshops to all of Unitas’ sub-association board members.

As we want to improve community building at the UvA and increase student (and staff) engagement on social safety, we have created a UvA student board, and we are  looking for volunteers and potential facilitators. The UvA OBOV student board will be in charge of helping raise awareness around sexual violence through various events and campaigns. Volunteers can reach out to us to get involved, which can take many forms:

  • to help with events
  • to help with the student board
  • to help with social media
  • to bring forward specific ideas you may want to carry out
  • get trained by us to become facilitators of workshops.


Looking forward, this year we will be delivering more workshops to UvA departments,  strengthening our ties to local student & study associations, and expanding the impact of our work with the help of students and staff. We are always looking for new collaboration, if you are interested, reach out to us at :

For more information about Our Bodies Our Voice :




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