The CDO Team Expands Their Supportive Role for Existing Diversity-Related Events

By Alfrida Martis.

Fresh start
New year, new energies and new paths. A few weeks ago I was under the impression that I would be writing my first blog post of 2019 to update you all on the planning of our upcoming event on February 14. But if there is one thing I have learnt from these past six months working at the UvA, is that this institution and life in general can take on a different course when you least expect it. Sometimes this happens in the form of a call for purging and making room for better things by cutting off loose ends – saying no and moving on for your own health and happiness. Sometimes it is a call for deep introspection and dividing your time and energy differently. Saying yes, but asking yourself “how can I work more efficiently?”

Last semester the CDO Team were busy organizing our own monthly events. This work was very time-consuming and left us with little time and energy to focus on the many other important responsibilities our team has. So we have come to the realization that we might have been a bit too ambitious to expect to host these CDO events every month—especially since there are already so many other diversity-related events at the UvA that we could help support and promote through our funding and networks. For example, there are €1000 per month available for any UvA student or staff member who is in need of resources to help realize their diversity-related, grassroots event or initiative. Do not hesitate to submit your proposals here.

CDO Team’s 2019 year plan
Currently, we are in the process of finalizing our 2019 year plan, awaiting input from various groups at the UvA. So we will be organizing our future events based on several topics mentioned in the 2019 plan that we believe need to be highlighted. Ultimately, this means we will be organizing fewer events of our own, but that we will be expanding our supportive role for existing diversity events and initiatives. So we need your help and knowledge in pointing us to these events and initiatives that you are aware of. Please feel free to contact us via or make an appointment with one of our team members to drop by during our office hours. You can find our email addresses on the home page of our blog in the bottom right corner. Here’s the link: About Us

As the organizer of these initially planned monthly events, I personally feel kind of bummed that we are taking a new course with our event planning. But at the same time, this means our team will have more time and energy to focus on the implicit bias and open communication workshop series we have been wanting to organize for quite some time. To be honest, I am super excited to finally make these workshops happen because smaller and intimate settings create a really good foundation for a long-lasting impact. I hope we can inspire many students and staff members to bring about transformative action and cultural change at the UvA.

Our new event plans and dates will be announced as soon as possible, so keep checking our blog!

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