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Annual Report & Year plan
Meet Your Mentor

Do you want to obtain a job quicker with the insights of a mentor who acknowledges the added value of your ethnic minority background?

Update 13 March
Annual Report & Year plan

We are proud to present the first Chief Diversity Officer magazine, containing the 2019 annual report and 2020 plan

Grassroots Funding
Grassroots Funding

Could you use financial support in realizing an idea or event in line with making the UvA more equitable, inclusive and diverse?

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Purple Friday

On ‘Purple Friday’ people show their solidarity with young people who are gay, bisexual, lesbian and transgender by wearing purple….

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Annual Report & Year plan
Anne de Graaf


Update 13 March
Agathe Cherbit Langer


Grassroots Funding
Alfrida Martis


Annual Report & Year plan
Fatima Kamal


Update 13 March
Janissa Jacobs


Grassroots Funding
Thea van Schoot


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